First Project Ever

Hi All

I just uploaded my first project ever. I frequently visit to see the work of developers and play man y of the great games. I had never heard of game jams or even noticed that part of the site. WOW!! I was blown away at the community but I absolutely fell in love with the essence of the game jams. They push you to be creative, to do outside the norm, to try something you may have never tried before and for me, to create a game. A task I already wanted to accomplish but felt was too daunting. I was too scared. Too inexperienced. But finding the GameJams gave me an opportunity to challenge myself, learn a new skill, and do something I always wanted. I'm excited to join many more and so glad to be apart of a community of so many creative, artistic developers. This is going to be fun.!!

Just posted a new project inspired by my pet pig Klyde. Check it out!


The Adventures of Klyde Play in browser
Jan 15, 2018

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